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Get more than 75+ years  of safety, risk management and medical services experience working for you.

Triple Fox Energy Services Ltd. has worked with dozens of clients since our inception across industries that include oil and gas, construction, pipelines and public events. These projects include Oilsands, Pipeline Construction, Facility Construction, Turnarounds and Drilling Operations.

Triple Fox Offers a Full Complement of Safety & Risk Management Services

Clients who have put their faith in our team have been impressed at the superior level of performance and value generated on their projects. We work with many different levels of our client organizations including field operations, project management, corporate and executive levels.  We remain focused on the proactive elements of safety, risk management and medical services.

Safety Training

Safety Consulting

…and our strategic partnerships deliver spectacular results.

Triple Fox is partnered with two industry-leading organizations who share our commitment to improving safety processes and bringing exceptional value to our clients. We are proud to share our expertise with Kinetic Medical Inc. and Intactix Systems. These alliances allow us to respond to client requirements to optimize solution-finding while delivering efficient and effective results.

Safety Culture Integration Optimization {see-oh}

SCIO means “to know”. Our SCIO platform is designed to deliver knowledge that will enhance risk-based decision making by key leaders in our client’s operational, corporate and board levels. Powered by Intactix (www.intactix.ca), the SCIO platform focuses on the following key pillars within an organization:

S – Safety  C – Culture  I – Integration  O – Optimization

The SCIO Platform incorporates a Solution Design methodology, which includes a consultative approach to evaluating current organizational perceptions and needs. We then facilitate a full solution design with key stakeholders. The final product is a uniquely designed client-specific performance roadmap.

SCIO focusses on delivering the following to our clients:

  • Mitigated Operational Risk – At the field, corporate and board levels
  • Learning Culture – Change management processes, permanent controls and accountability
  • Measurable Results – Quantifiable, Verifiable and Actionable
  • Reduction in High Consequence Events – Decreased risk of loss, increased tool time, operational efficiency
  • Adaptable Systems & Processes – Solutions are operationally viable and utilize internal subject matter expertise
  • Integration Between Safety & Operations – Strategy Mapping and a Collaborative Approach.

With SCIO you will establish a performance baseline of the efficiency and effectiveness of your current systems. We will then drive a focus from Tactical Safety Compliance to Strategic Safety Culture resulting in an integrated safety ecosystem designed to plug & play.

Identify Baseline Safety Performance

The first step is establishing a safety performance baseline to help us understand operational requirements.

Consultative Analysis

We work with all levels of your organization to determine the effectiveness of your existing safety program, identify areas for improvement, and generate a solution design that will integrate smoothly with what is already in place.

Safety Compliance Analysis

The next step is to focus on safety compliance within your organization, and identify further areas for improvement.

Tactical Safety Compliance to Strategic Safety Culture

Once a thorough evaluation of these systems is complete, we are then able to craft field-ready safety solutions that can be implemented efficiently and with minimal interference in the work being done.

Strategic Safety Culture

The next step involves driving our focus from compliance to establishing strategic safety compliance within your organization.

From Tactical Compliance to Safety Culture

Once the compliance systems are in place, we work with your organization on a Safety Integration Plan, which discusses rapid on-boarding for new hires, and helping propagate safety mandates company-wide.

The Integrated Safety Ecosystem

The final result is a scalable and fully integrated safety program that works in harmony with your organizations operations.

The Integrated Safety Ecosystem

Your new SCIO safety program is designed to plug and play no matter the size or scope of the organization. Whether you’re expanding your operations, or changing the direction of the company, Triple Fox’s SCIO Safety Program is the perfect fit.
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“The Risk Advisors supplied by Triple Fox were great and we’d definitely work together with them again”

Bryce T.

Engineer, Electrical Contractor

“In all my years of evaluating safety and medical companies, I have never seen a company more advanced than Triple Fox. Their systems and attention to detail are second to none.”

Dave G.

Quality Assurance, Major Pipeline Company

“Our experience has been excellent in all dealings. Their depth of knowledge and prompt attention to any concerns has been first rate. The knowledge and commitment of the management team is evident in all dealings”

Chris W.

Safety Manager, Pipeline Construction Client