The Triple Fox Mission

Safety With Purpose
At every level of our organization, we work to establish a sense of purpose and value. Each element of our service delivery platform is designed to achieve measurable results through evidence-based outcomes. This total integration allows Triple Fox to clearly demonstrate the mutual value and achievements generated on our projects.

To Evolve the Business of Safety
At Triple Fox, we view Safety as an integral business process. To drive better results, we are working to deploy our proprietary platform to our clients where the systems and processes surrounding risk management can be effectively measured. We are continually looking to drive efficiencies and better performance both within our own operations and those of our clients.

Triple Fox takes great care to minimize the impact our operations have on the environment. We believe that in our mission to become more efficient, a primary consideration is the footprint we leave behind. From minimizing paper waste in the office, to planning out the most fuel efficient ways of travel, we work to leave the areas we travel to in better condition than when we arrived.
Triple Fox Energy is committed to creating a safe workplace environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. Our commitment extends to working with Aboriginal communities to deliver economic opportunities that benefit all partners.

The Triple Fox Approach

Triple Fox is working with people like you to achieve a common goal, we want to Evolve the Business of Safety. Our core business, including contractor measurement and performance improvement, onsite medical services and project safety advisors, is built on a platform of systems and processes designed to drive measureable and quantifiable results. Our objective is to have more than just good people and equipment; we also want to have a world-class platform that measures and challenges our services to provide real value to our clients.

Triple Fox appreciates the opportunity to share with you what is different about our approach and how we can add value in a way provides meaningful impacts to your business and bottom line. Our platform ensures that while fielding best in class equipment and personnel, we provide them with the tools, systems and processes to deliver a consistent and measureable service.

To Evolve the Business of Safety, we need to understand our client’s strategic objectives. Our platform aligns with our business partners through a Solution Design Process. Our Process gathers cross functional stakeholders within an organization to ensure we have fully mapped out the strategic risk management objectives of our clients.
Triple Fox commenced operations in 2013. The Triple Fox team has direct experience providing Site-wide Medical Response and Safety Advisory services at various industrial projects throughout Western Canada. Our management team has a combined 75 years of experience in providing safety, medical and related services.
Our approach focusses on making safety quantifiable. However, rather than focus on traditional indicators like Recordable Incidents, Lost Time or Observations Performed, we focus on activities that evidence the efficiency and effectiveness of your risk management program. In our view, traditional indicators are like driving while staring at a speedometer. Triple Fox prefers to drive looking at the road ahead.
Safety is driven by results. The challenge we have observed is that the traditional measures used to give clients results are not correlated to future performance. Our platform drives a system of quantifiable indicators that correlate to future performance. These results are measurable and evidence based and provide for peace of mind for all levels of management. By focusing on your core safety processes, we ensure you get results you can trust in a timely and efficient manner.

Valued Aboriginal Partnerships

The Triple Fox team has unique experience in partnering with Aboriginal communities. Our focus is building long term relationships with our partners that allow us all to succeed. With major projects continuing to require Aboriginal support, Triple Fox is able to assist Aboriginal Communities in understanding, meeting and executing on the economic opportunities that come available. Triple Fox believes that success with Aboriginal Communities involves hard work and mutual understanding. Let Triple Fox assist your Aboriginal Community with your upcoming projects to ensure you fully realize the opportunities that are available.

Specific to medical services, Triple Fox has engaged Aboriginal Communities on many different levels including:

  • Training and career development for interested community members
  • Joint Venture partnerships to access project opportunities
  • Support agreements to assist Aboriginal owned companies in meeting client needs

Triple Fox is pleased to be working with partners in the following areas:

  • O’Chiese First Nation
  • Sucker Creek First Nation
  • Chipewyan Prairie First Nation

Triple Fox is keen to work as partners with aboriginal groups to provide safety solutions to the resource and construction industry.

We know how to give you the opportunity to make your community a full participant in the exploration and extraction of resources in your territory.

When partnered with Triple Fox Energy Services you will be prepared to engage the resource industry from the moment they send you a referral. You will be able to tell industry that any safety services are to be provided through your Triple Fox partnership.

Meet Our Team

Chris Bruce, MBA, J.D.
Chris Bruce, MBA, J.D. President
Chris completed his JD at the University of Alberta in 2004. He held roles as general counsel with HSE Integrated, and corporate counsel with Keyera Energy Management, as well as business development analyst with Pengrowth, Before Triple Fox, Chris held director positions with HSE Integrated in Corporate Development, Business Development, and General Counsel.
Ryan Wilson
Ryan WilsonVice President
Ryan has worked in the safety industry since 1996. He has held positions as General Manager, and later Canadian Director with HSE Integrated, and International Coordinator with United Safety International. Ryan has specific expertise with management and start-ups on multi-project operations.
Ted Moore
Ted Moore Vice President, Training & Development

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